| Free Certificate Courses [Skill Development Unit-National Education Policy 2020 Implementation] Early Childhood Care And Education Unit. | English communication , personality development and basic computer classes will commence from 20th July 2023, Thursday. [ Note: This course is totally free of cost for students of SSGC. Other girl students can apply for this course on the payment .] | Congratulations! Medhavi chhatra scholarship for session 2023-24 awarded to Miss Anushrva Tomar (Arts), Miss Hemlata Singh (Commerce), Miss SIMRAN Bano (Science).
Admissions Open 2024-25

Science Lab

 Science Labs
a. Physics lab
The Physics Laboratory provides an opportunity to think of a concept and learn the concepts during the process of working and equip the students better in terms of psycho – motor skills. It is important to do practical work in physics especially for those aiming at career in research technology. Physics laboratory provides the students the necessary laboratory equipments and manual assistance. Physics lab is spacious, airy and equipped with all possible faculties required for demonstration and experimentation at each level.
b. Chemistry Lab
Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with formation and breaking of bonds, required enough experimentation to prove the principles behind various phenomenon.
Chemistry lab is spacious, airy and equipped with all possible facilities required for demonstration or experimentation at each level. Students visit the lab on regular basis which makes them inquisitives and creates an aptitude for science. Attempt is made to ensure that activities are demonstrated by the teachers and conducted by the students on their own. It contains distillation assembly, centrifuge, chemical balance, apparatus and chemicals from reputed companies.
c. Zoology  and Botany Lab
Like a piece of iron attracted to magnet, students are also mesmerized just by the sight of the Botany & Zoology labs. The labs are well equipped with all sorts of equipments, preserved specimens to living diversity of plants, animals and microbes. The availability of dissecting, compound and projection microscope helps students to satisfy their inquisitiveness about microscope things. The high quality charts, skeleton and models on almost every essential topic are retain the gained knowledge forever. 
With the help of qualified faculty and knowledgeable lab assistant students quench their thirst of inquisitiveness and curiosity here. The lab gives students an opportunity to perform practical and leaves a huge impact on their naive minds to evoke in them the ideas and explore more and experiment more in the field.