Welcome to Saint Soldier

provide world class educational service since 1984

Ajay Pal Singh

Former Chairman: Raj. Housing Board

President : Rajasthan Sikh Samaj & Sri Guru Nanak Dev Satsang Sabha Education Board,(Regd) Jaipur

Chairman : Saint Soldier College for Girls, Jaipur

I am thrilled and privileged to welcome each and every one of you to the beginning of a new academic session at Saint Soldier PG College for Girls which has very eco-friendly campus and is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure. You will be staying for three to five years with us. During your stay in our college our utmost effort shall be to groom you to play a vital role in instilling confidence and self respect in the society and help you in securing a dignified place in the society. The main focus of the Institution is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both at the academic level and in the highly competitive global industrial market

As a Chairman of management committee I am here to support all of you by necessary means to ensure that you reach your fullest academic potential. This year you can look forward to encountering highly intensive and challenging academic programmes that will push you to work beyond your limits.

“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.”

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Welcome to Saint Soldier

provide world class educational service since 1984

Harnek Singh

(Retd. I.P.S)            

Secrtary General : Rajasthan Sikh Samaj                                                         

Secrtary : Saint Soldier College for Girls, Jaipur

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all to SAINT SOLDIER COLLEGE FOR GIRLS and wish you a future filled with success. You are entering into a new environment leaving behind the school discipline. The college life offers you a fragrance of freedom but with responsibility. College is a budding society in itself, where you will find students from every stratum of the society. This is the period which transforms an individual into a responsible citizen for the fortified nation. College life helps students to imbibe moral qualities like caring, sharing and helping. College is an institution, where students learn to be empowered and hence make their decisions independently.

We believe in all-round development of our students. Apart from academic pursuits, great emphasis is laid on the co-curricular activities, discipline and character building of the students

Dear students, "You are the nation-builders. You are the movers of technology. You are the agents of change." It is our fervent hope that the years that you spend in SSCG would enable you to equip with leadership and managerial skills. The knowledge that you will gain, the fine qualities that you will imbibe and the technical skills that you will learn to apply will be your major contribution to your parents, to society, and to the nation.

The educational scenario in India is responding to the global change. In the environment of knowledge explosion the students not only have to acquire high level of knowledge and skill but also have to sustain it and continuously develop it in order to survive in the competitive environment

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

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Welcome to Saint Soldier

provide world class educational service since 1984

Dr. Anju Kansal

Principal: Saint Soldier College for Girls                      

As you step into this new academic year, filled with hope and dreams of scaling new heights, I wish to reiterate the importance of few things that we have to keep in mind. Parents should remember that children should not be forced, but should be guided to achieve whatever goals they may have in their minds in an easy and pleasing manner, so that we may be able to discover the particular touch of genius in each one of them. The purpose of education is to teach our girls to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should keep in mind the importance of planning and prioritizing their time and the effective use of it which are essential to achieve success.

Students should always think and review – discover the cause and effect of every event, in which they are involved. Do not surrender or become a slave to youthful fancies and indulgences. Be steady in your studies. Learn to enjoy hard work – particularly your studies. Think wisely, think systematically.

With experienced and dedicated teachers and excellent infrastructure, our college helps students to realize their goals in life.  We are committed to working as a team of students, staff, administrators, and parents to build a college that will maximize student learning and achievement. I encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the college and involve themselves in all the extra-curricular activities that are offered. The overall development of the mind and body is a sign of a healthy and complete development.Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. The future belongs to you; your need, therefore, is to prepare yourself for an active participation in the world. This participation demands that you become well informed and hence develop yourself like a pioneer and ultimately grow as responsible women.

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. Remember “The reward of every good action will be good only”.

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“Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success.”

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